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July 28, 2008



Happy Birthday sweet E!

That is one great picture of her that you took. I love how the place you found/find yourself in life is reflected in her name. I pray that one day you will find the moments to unpack all the feelings and memories that you hold so close to your heart.

I find though that sometimes words are not adequate as an expression of what we truly treasure about something. I think of Mary with Jesus and how she treasured all the things He said in her heart. Just knowing that you took the time to reflect today on those special moments will keep them close to you.


Very significant words for a significant day...Your heart shined in this today Tracy.


That picture is so precious and perfect! Your words once again, are a testament to the faith that continues to grow inside of you. Capturing your vast feelings with words is hard to do, I like the idea of you being able to ponder some of those in your heart.

E has brought faith, joy, love, and so much more to my life. I hear less ambivalence in your story today than a year ago. Living by faith is an inspiration.

This post was perfect!


E will love reading this one day, knowing that she has helped your faith grow in such a significant way. And she's absolutely adorable:)


I love what you wrote about living by faith. You are a good mom, T. A great mom. And thanks for letting the rest of us see it's ok to feel overwhelmed and needy. Happy Birthday, E!

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