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October 26, 2010



This looked so FUN. Wish we could have combined our pumpkin carving adventures this weekend. And I love that picture of Elly by the pillar - beautiful. (o:


that is so great! I can't wait to visit. I miss you all, so much!


My ambivalence here is so extreme. I love the stories and the pictures of what you are experiencing as a family and I miss being a part of those every day interactions.

This was a lovely weekend and I enjoyed the pictures of all of you!

PS...quit putting stuff to music, it kills me everytime! I love you!


This made me smile. I loved reading about some sweet moments you are all sharing as a family. I LOVE the black and white photo of Mark at the coffee shop!

Miss you a TON.


I feel like I've had my head in the sand for a few weeks, so I wasn't sure which of the last three posts to comment on. I figured since I heard B sniffle on the other side of the counter last night as she watched the video, this could be a good place to comment.

It still feels like you are "just on vacation." These are just vacation pictures right? :-) Seriously, thank you for sharing your life from a distance here...and looking forward to seeing where God provides "home" for you. Much love to all the Johnson's!


thanks for making the slideshow. it reminded me of how much i miss you guys. and it's good to see new adventures...

["eco-friendly ceramic mugs"? sounds like my kind of place. ;) ]


What a mystical magical wonderland that Michigan is... brrraaaaapp... yuck I just had a BJ's Avacado Spring Roll repeat on me after reading this ;)

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