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September 19, 2011


Megan Hodges


I am so grateful for your open heart. It is beautiful to get to know you more through your writing and through our visits. The devil is squirming now because of the light you shed on another one of his lifeless tricks. Thank you for being willing and available to the Lord- He is doing a MIGHTY work inside and through you. Love you!!!


Wow. I needed this. I NEED this. Thank you for singing with the angels today. I was honored to read and soak in the beauty of your worship with and of the Great I AM.


"I am a failure." One of the smaller I am's of my own that has taunted me for what feels like my entire life.

I loved this picture you painted: "What if while evil was whispering those messages to my heart at the same time the angels were singing, "hallelujah, holy holy, God Almighty, the Great I AM." What if, the Great I AM is there beckoning to me to chose Him and listen to those angels instead of choosing to listen to the evil snarls about who I am."

Sometimes I grow weary at all of the places that evil has come for me and where I have agreed with it and how I have lived out of that place. The awareness to it leaves me wondering if I have enough strength to get in another fight and break a life-long agreement with evil and "slay another dragon." This post left me with hope that maybe I could here in this place.

I am grateful for your heart, what you write and how it continues to shape my life - even from a distance and not over coffee at Starbucks face-to-face. How I not only see myself, but how I see God.

My heart NEEDED this post today. I AM seems to be the answer to a lot of my questions these days....

Love you.

Heather Kelley

thanks for sharing where you are w facing yourself in truth and in lies, and facing his truth. i feel like im starting to dip my toes in this for myself, and somewhere along the reading, and listening, he pricked something. so we're gonna go explore.

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