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September 17, 2011


J Sloan


How beautiful.....and my tears flow as I play those scenes image by image. Your son and those little girls, amazing "we're OK mom!!!!" Yes they certainly are OK. And we are grateful....

amy aldrich

Hi T- We've moved..will you please e-mail me, as I have lost your address in the craziness of transition, and would love to be back in touch...?? <3


How lovely that simplicity moved in so gently to meet you in the chaos. Thankful everyone was ok...and that you were cared for.

Jeanie Metzger Hartman

Hi Tracy,

You don't have to post this comment as it's probably more of a note to you rather than a comment. Feel free to edit as you see fit.

Thank you for your words. I've been reading your blog since we became FB friends. Your words touch my soul and remind me that I am not alone in the feelings that I have. I'm working on reading the past posts but haven't made much of a dent since you have been writing for a few years already and I've come late to the party.

We surrender, we take a breath, we surrender again. I needed this today and feel like God has reminded me (through your words) that he is in charge. I am taking that breath now and am surrendering again.

Thank you.

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