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November 15, 2007



I actually went and read the interview that you linked with the author of the Golden Compass after I read a bunch of websites that "blasted" him, his book, and the movie. I went to the website of the movie and took a look at that and watched the trailer. I read some of the definitions about some of the things that you would find in the movie (aka daemons)as you mentioned and found most of the content and crux of it disturbing. This was just based on the movie's webpage and not any propoganda material I had read. I have to admit being surprised at the author's interview. His answers and responses were not what you would think from someone who wrote such an an "evil" movie. His worldview is completely jacked but what I took out most is how completely LOST this man is. Unfortunately, this man may never see the truth especially when there are Christians rallying against this movie, his books, and himself and they don't even know why. This has made me think a little differently. Thanks!

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