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January 23, 2008



It doesn't ever really go away. Reading this now. I cry. It still hurts. Its still painful. And there are no words. And I've had another baby since but losing that one doesn't go away or get deleted from my own story just because of that. I don't have much to say about Rom 8:28. I don't think I will until I see Jesus and ask Him about it.


It is definitely painful. However, we are so thankful to have dear friends that have been through this same sort of struggle and pain. Thank you for your words, not only blog form but email form. We love you guys.


Having not experienced this... I am still touched by your post. D and I were just talking about the amount of friends that have experienced this pain. It is hard to grasp unless you have walked the road but your story always has given me insight into what my friends are experiencing each time they walk this road. Thank you.


Having experienced the pain of 4 losses and the added pain of never having children, there was something about this post that felt beautiful to me. The beauty was in your honesty, vulnerablity and not spiritualizing the pain and disappointment for yourself and others.

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