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January 15, 2008



I too found it interesting at how much resistance there was at the fact that God isn't out to punish His children. One would think that knowing the freedom in Christ that He has paid our penalty and saved us from eternal punishment would make us feel relieved. And yet as humans, we want to believe God is out to get us when we sin. Once I realized God didn't fall off of His throne when I fell into sin or did "that" again, and once I realized that His chastening doesn't mean that He's going to smite me and curse my life, I knew that I was able to finally breathe and able to live in less fear that God was going to do something bad because of what I had done, but in anticipation of what He would do through me because of it. I think the church and I guess humanity in general wants to heap shame and guilt on ourselves for the wrong things we've done. Perhaps becuase we feel so gross about ourselves, we assume God must feel the same way. And I am so grateful that He does not. I'm glad He has His own set of eyes. That way when He looks at this wretched woman, He sees His son.

I am looking forward to where this takes us again next week. I am kind of hoping we sit there a little longer. A great desire of mine is for others to know the freedom there is in Christ, not the punishment and wrath they fear they will find in Him. I'm excited you busted out the concordance. I hope that encourages others to do the same in studying for themselves. In searching for truth, we will find it.

Love you both.


I hope to daily remember the picture in my head of Him hugging me and walking through my puddles of mud with me. I enjoyed hearing the definitions of discipline...resistance is FUTILE!

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